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Research Areas

Our research approach towards novel supramolecular and organic materials is based on three key elements: the concept of “inducing order through disorder”, the use of amide hydrogen bonding for the formation of well-defined one-dimensional aggregates, and utilization of chemical reactions in ordered phases to produce novel materials. In our three key research areas, we universally apply these concepts to guide chemical reactivity of metastable molecular precursors for carbon nanomaterials, control the electronic properties in organic semiconductor nanostructures, or tailor the bulk mechanical properties in supramolecular materials.

We had previously used the same concepts to produce multiple-helical π-conjugated polymers that undergo dynamic folding. Moreover, we had explored crystal engineering and chemical reactions in single-crystals. And in all of our research efforts, we establish new synthetic approaches for the efficient preparation of molecular precursors for organic materials.

Contact Information

Laboratory of Macromolecular and Organic Materials

MXG 037
Station 12
1015 Lausanne
+41 21 693 7395

News & Highlights

  • - LMOM warmly welcomes Michael Giffin as a PhD student.
  • - Yevhen Hryshunin joins the group as a PhD Student.
  • - Oguzhan Oguz joins the group as a Postdoc.